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The Best of 2014

Posted by CZsWorld on December 31, 2014 at 8:40 PM

The year 2014 is coming to a close in a few short hours. Right now, I'm working on some stuff that will come out in 2015, but I'd still like to keep up with the (recent) tradition of listing the best things of the past year. Last year I did an extensive review on the top 5 movies, sports games, video games, books, TV shows, albums and CZsWorld videos. It took a long time to write, so this year I am going to simplify it so I can focus most of my efforts on making 2015 an even better year!


5) The LEGO Movie

4) The Grand Budapest Hotel

3) Whiplash

2) Nighcrawler

1) Gone Girl


I'm not doing that this year because I haven't been keeping track.

Video Games

I didn't play any games from this year.


I have read less than 3 books this year, so probably not enough to do a list.

TV Shows

I could probably pull together a list, but unlike Film, television was nothing blog home about this year.


5) Happiness Is - Taking Back Sunday

4) Everyone's Out To Get Me - Get Scared

3) The Predator Becomes the Prey - Ice Nine Kills

2) Devil - Chiodos

1) Everything WIll Be Alright in the End


5) Au Jus Buveur 

4) Dead Air

3) Acrimonious

2) Dark Avenue of the Night

1) Spin Cycle

I've got a new video coming the moment 2015 arrives, so when the ball drops, come on back to CZsWorld. Until then...

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