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Au Jus Buveur - A Psychological Horror Short + Other News!

Posted by CZsWorld on March 25, 2014 at 1:40 AM

Today, I have three big announcements! 

Au Jus Buveur

I am very pleased to release this month's film: Au Jus Buveur. Don't worry, it's in English. This is a psychological horror.

Two detectives sit down to dinner at a fancy French restaurant to discuss the case they are working on. Twenty-two people have gone missing from their small town, and they have a only a few ideas of what might be the cause. They soon discover that something strange is going on in the restaurant. Will Coby and Chuck be able to get to the bottom of it?

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This was my final project for my Directing 1 class. What grade would you give me? Please let me know what you think in the comments!

Social Media

I always encourage users to follow me on social media, and now you social media junkies can follow me on even more websites! Today I am revealing two new official CZsWorld social sites: Pinterest and Tumblr. Here is the new list, with ALL the links.


Visit CZs Homepage:






The idea behind adding more sites is not so that you can have more pages to follow. It's so you guys can share with different communities and help CZsWorld reach new audiences that wouldn't have normally found out about CZsWorld. So please, share Au Jus Buveur on these new networks and any other networks!!

Closed Captions

I have also been working hard to bring my videos to two more demographics: the deaf and foreign language speakers! Over the last week, I have been adding subtitles to each of my videos, and within the next couple of weeks, every video with dialouge will have the option for Closed Captions. 

So please, if you have friends who are deaf, hard of hearing, don't speak English, or just don't like sounds, share the CZsWorld YouTube channel with them! You'll find that my new video, Au Jus Buveur, supports subtitles! Just press the CC button in the lower right corner of the video player!

This was certainly a big day for CZsWorld, so please remember to comment on the new video, share with friends on the new social networks, and share the word of Closed Captions now available for my videos!

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